Sunday, May 31, 2015

8-10 Sentences for #WeWriWa - Grand Master's Pawn 2

Welcome to another Sunday with Weekend Writing Warriors. Here, writers showcase their work with 8-10 sentences.
This week, I’ll continue the scene from Grand Master’s Pawn. Pursuing her dream to explore exotic planets, Violet has applied to become the pawn of one of the Grand Masters, beings of immense psychic power. She has hidden her illegal talent of empathy. I’ve included one sentence from last week’s snippet.

The hazy image resolved into twelve people seated on thrones, human men and women and alien creatures. Their eyes glowed in the colors she had seen on the spheres. One alien was a mass of writhing tentacles, while another resembled a green blob. One humanoid woman wore red robes, another woman had a green gown, and two men were clad in somber black robes.

In the midst of this amazing sight, her attention was caught by a dark man in blue robes seated at one end of the twelve. He had a grim face with fierce black eyebrows over a hooked nose. His eyes were half lidded. While she watched, his eyes opened and blue beams flashed out, piercing into her face. She stared boldly into his laser blue eyes. Yet in the next moment, his eyes slid slowly past, and she doubted he had even noticed her.

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Saturday, May 30, 2015

#SFFSat Snippet 2 from WIP Book 2 in Grand Master's Trilogy

Welcome to another Saturday of Science Fiction & Fantasy snippets exchanged by writers.
My contribution this week comes from my WIP, Book 2 in the Grand Master’s Trilogy, Grand Master’s Game. I'm continuing from last week, with a 2 sentence overlap. 


Athanor’s gaze flicked to the box and the clicks halted abruptly.

Tessa gasped and clutched at her chest.

Violet called, “Stop! Mute your power or Tessa will faint!” The pressure lessened and his eyes dimmed to a faint blue glow.

The Professor paled beneath his tan. Tessa squeaked and fled to the comforting arms of her fiancé.

“It is all right, Tessa,” Phineas said in a shaky voice. “He does not mean to harm us.”

You’d be dead!” The Grand Master’s mental snarl reached Violet, and she restrained the urge to give him a mental kick. In her opinion, a friendly approach would serve him better. The two people trembling behind the desk were not the enemies he wished to crush in a blast of power.

The Grand Master pointed a finger at the metal box on the desk and demanded, “What is the purpose of that noisy contraption?”

Phineas gulped, “It’s my invention."  

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