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SFFSat snippet from Grand Master's Pawn

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Excerpt from part 2: Mission to Sythos, home of the dragon lords.
Brief explanation - Violet travels to the planet of Sythos with orders from her Grand Master to locate and study the dragon lords. 

To one side, she noted the green vegetation of a swamp. Curious, she veered towards the verdant marsh.

Green ferns predominated in the swamp, surrounding a dark pool of liquid, presumably water. Clouds of steam arose from the pool under the blazing heat of the sun. Violet flew cautiously over the limpid surface of the pool. As the shuttle passed over the water, a huge, open mouthed head burst up, raising circles of ripples. The grotesque head was followed by a long sinuous neck. Its round eyes focused on the flying vehicle, and the monstrous head shot toward her, its jaws gaped wide to swallow the shuttle.

Violet hit the accelerator and zoomed up rapidly. The enormous tooth-rimmed mouth snapped shut, barely missing the shuttle.

“Too close, by thunder!” The deep growl of her Grand Master came from her collar.  

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Monday, January 26, 2015

Teaser Tuesday - Can Violet Deal with her Obnoxious Grand Master?

Teaser Tuesday Excerpt

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A thousand years in the future, instant travel via portals links the civilized planets. The Grand Masters guard the key to power. Disasters on the edge of the galaxy threaten lives. On Avalon, the White Mother Tingu weaves her plans for the most promising empath in generations. Young Violet Hunter accepts the secret task of discovering the truth about the Grand Masters. She explores exotic planets as a pawn of her Grand Master. On her missions, she meets weird aliens, gains new powers, and strange allies. While seeking answers, Violet is hurled into explosive conflict with the Grand Masters, while the galaxy flies toward chaos.

Excerpt from Grand Master's Pawn, Part 2

Walking through the cheerful brick and glass buildings of the Space Academy, Violet was depressed by the gloomy black fa├žade of the Council Hall. She had postponed meeting the Grand Master as long as she dared. Now, she meant to discover the purpose of the living crystals, and learn about her next assignment. At the entrance, the guard recognized her collar and waved her inside. As on her first visit, no one was visible in the private chamber. After a few minutes, the blue light in the eyes of the griffin statue heralded the Grand Master.

His deep voice resounded through the small room, “Pawn, did you retrieve the living crystals?”

“Yes, Grand Master, I have the crystals.”

He acknowledged her success, saying gruffly, “You have done well in your first mission. Show me the crystals.”

Violet plucked the gems out of her pocket, and revealed the three crystals on the palm of her outstretched hand.

The griffin’s eyes flashed brighter and the Grand Master said, “I expected the two blue crystals.” His voice grew ominous, “Why do you have a third, purple crystal?”

“When I entered the crystal cave, I followed your instructions precisely. The purple crystal fell into my cupped hands, just as the two sapphires did,” Violet explained. “What should I do with them, Grand Master?”

“I shall attach the blue crystals to your collar. Stand in front of the griffin and hold the crystals against the metal band.”

Obediently, Violet stood before the griffin’s blue gaze, and fumbled to position the jewels on the neckband. “Is this correct?” she asked nervously.

“It will suffice. Tilt up your chin and close your eyes,” he commanded. Behind her closed eyelids, she saw a flash of electric blue, and the metal collar burned beneath her fingers. She did not dare to move.

“It is done. You carry my eyes on your collar,” he said with satisfaction, and growled a threat, “Beware! Now I can watch everywhere you go.”

Her mental perception of his grim presence strengthened and Violet recoiled in alarm. What had she done? Now he could spy on her through the blue crystals. She gathered her courage to ask, “What about the purple crystal? The guide, Rothan Rivern, said the amethyst bore my destiny. He told me you could explain what it means.”

“Do you have a third eye, pawn?” he retorted. “Your records from the Space Academy make no mention of such a talent.”

Eyes wide in apprehension, she said, “I don’t know what you mean, Grand Master. What is a third eye?” She guessed the third eye was connected to her empathic talent, and hoped to keep her psychic abilities hidden from him. 

“Do not try to deceive me!” he thundered. “Do you have a hidden talent?”

She bit her lip and refused to speak. It would only incriminate her.

Without warning, the griffin’s eyes flared an intense blue and a surge of power blasted her. Violet slammed into the wall with no chance to defend herself. She cowered, shaken and angry, and clutched at the cold wall for support. He had attacked her brutally. Tingu had warned her of evil Grand Masters. Was he one of them?

Violet stiffened with renewed courage and glared at the griffin. Its blue eyes had dimmed, quiescent for the moment. She compressed her lips resolutely, and waited for him to speak. 
         “You cannot have any psychic power,” he remarked in an icy dispassionate voice. 

 He's going to have trouble with this pawn!

I am releasing this work in parts. 

Part 1,
Violet’s mission to the ice planet of Erebus:
Part 2,
Violet’s second mission to the planet Sythos, home of the dragon lords:
Part 3, Violet travels to Cinerea, finds a man and a sword:  
Wait for the romance in Part 4.