Saturday, August 29, 2015

Snippet 2 from Captured by the Hawk for #WeWriWa

Welcome to another Sunday with Weekend Writing Warriors. Every week, writers showcase their stories with 8-10 sentences. Join the fun and read our snippets.

This week, I’ll share a scene from Captured by the Hawk, my Space Operetta. Kat has stolen key codes from the Emperor’s Revenge in the docks of Hassam spaceport.
You can read last week’s snippet here -

They dragged Kat, kicking and wriggling, down the docking bay and into the spacecraft. Everything she saw was colored black; a black ship crewed by black clothed men. They towed her, still struggling, through the ship’s passages to a storage room. No one spoke to her. One man searched her dirty overalls, removed her knife, and then, he flung her into a small featureless room. 

Kat was left alone in the room. The familiar noises and vibrations marked the ship disengaging from the dock, and lifting into orbit around the spaceport. She stared around the windowless room. A simple bed platform on one side and a utility pot relieved the monotony of the white walls. The vibrations damped as the ship entered the eerie vacuum of hyperspace.

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Friday, August 28, 2015

Snippet with dragons & aliens from WIP Grand Master's Mate for #SFFSat

Welcome to another Saturday of Science Fiction & Fantasy and read snippets exchanged by several writers.
For a change of pace, my contribution this week is from my unedited WIP, Grand Master’s Mate, Book 3 in the Grand Master’s Trilogy. Note: the dragons are reptilian sentients and the walliths are “watchdog” reptiles from the planet of Sythos. The Brululians resemble giant lobsters.
I’ve jumped to later in the same chapter with an action scene starting in the great hall of the Black Dragon’s eyrie. You can read last week’s snippet here –

A small brown dragon popped into view, flying in midair towards Ythris. “Attack on Illoris!” it croaked. 
Silence fell within the great hall.
Acting fast, Ythris ordered, “Seltos, peep at the portal station.” The copper dragon vanished.
“My children!” Gullish wailed, clutching at the nearest little Brululians.
“We’ll get them,” Athanor grated, leaving Violet momentarily uncertain whether he meant the attackers or the Brululians on the moon. “Both,” he sent, grabbing her arm.
The rock walled hall disappeared as they spun into the void.
You retrieve the Brululians and I’ll hold off the attackers,” Athanor’s command winged to Violet.
Emerging under the dome of the portal station on the moon Illoris, Violet blinked at the confused melee of the attack. Giant amoeboids rolled over the rocky surface like gobs of gel. One wallith thrashed on the ground, leaking blue blood from its ripped limbs. The second wallith tore pieces from a pale green blob.
Seltos was nowhere in sight. Violet guessed he had scouted the moon and already returned to report to the Black Dragon.

Books 1 & 2 are published and Book 1 is FREE from 28-29th August.

Grand Master’s Pawn:
Grand Master’s Game:

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Meet the Grand Masters - FREE eBook 28-29

Who are the Grand Masters?
The twelve Grand Masters on the Council are the most powerful entities in the galaxy, or so they claim. Their psychic powers are immense and secret.

At the beginning of Book 1, Grand Master’s Pawn, much of the information about the Grand Masters is unknown. The new pawn, Violet, learns about them through her empathic sense and conversations with the other pawns. Finally, she meets her Grand Master, Athanor, and two others. Exposure to a Grand Master’s power can be lethal to ordinary people. Fortunately, Violet is protected by her secret psychic power.

During Book 2, Grand Master’s Game, Violet meets all of the Grand Masters on the Council. She learns their names, auras and some of their emblems. Some are her allies, others are deadly enemies. The twelve Grand Masters include six humans, male and female, and six aliens. We will learn more about the aliens in Book 3.

Human Grand Masters

Nathan, Lord of Lightning, is the Chair of the Council. His eyes flash green psi fire and his emblem is a bolt of lightning. He is proud and dominates the Council.

Pashtari Hanuman, is the oldest of the Grand Masters. He has a benign face, like a Buddha, and yellow-white aura. His emblem is a white monkey. Hanuman is the monkey-faced Hindu god.

Morrigu, the Red Queen, is a prominent adversary in the books. She has four arms and strawberry blonde braids in a hideous amalgam of Celtic and Hindu mythology. Red is her psi color and her avatar is a red cobra, poised to strike.

Garron Lionheart has a handsome face with golden hair and blue eyes. His emblem is the lion rampant.

Ravaleen, the Meilai of Marina, is a green skinned woman with flaming green eyes and turquoise hair. She is as beautiful as a fairy queen.  

Athanor Griffin is the youngest of the Grand Masters. He attended the Terran Space Academy at the same time as Violet’s parents. He has a hooked nose, long black hair and glowing blue eyes. His emblem is the griffin rampant. Athanor took a risk when he selected Violet as his pawn because her father prophesied the doom of the Council of Twelve Grand Masters.

Alien Grand Masters

Radjuser resembles an orange octopus. He emits orange slime and psi fires. He was killed at the end of Book 1.

Amarylla Threeleaf is a planetoid alien. She has three pink petals and trailing roots. Her aura is pink and her emblem is a trefoil.

Umloa Thundercloud is an amoeboid, a semi-transparent green blob filled with bubbles.

Baxicki is a brown insectoid with six thin legs.

Eziz looks like a bunch of dry twigs with dots of gold eyes at the tips.

Sulkar is a yellow pebble covered with undulating filaments.

How can you become a Grand Master?
To achieve the status of Grand Master involves:
1. An inherited potential for psi talent.
2. Training to control your talent, since nascent psi powers can be erratic.
3. An initiation ordeal. The details are secret, although not everyone will survive the horrid ritual.

“The Council of Twelve will be destroyed.” Prophesy of Frank Hunter.

Young empath, Violet Hunter, travels the galaxy on missions for her mysterious Grand Master using the vast web of teleportals. Life-threatening cracks appear in the portals and Violet agrees to investigate the disruptions. When she discovers the perpetrator comes from within the ranks of the Twelve Grand Masters, Violet penetrates their curtain of secrecy to fulfill her task. Armed with only her erratic powers and a mishmash of allies, she must challenge the most powerful beings in the galaxy.

Book 1 will be FREE August 28-29th.

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