Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Titbit from The Wizard Strange

A 90-page coming of age novella in the realms of magic: The Wizard Strange.
Available from Amazon. 

A fairytale novella of how an evil King is destroyed by a resolute young woman. 
The untrained young witch, Rosemary, sets out on a quest to destroy the evil forces of the looming Shadow King. Can she discover her magic talents and stop Kafkad’s inexorable advance into her peaceful homeland of Peliore?  Where is the once-famous, and now almost forgotten, White Wizard Strange, and does he have the power to destroy the Shadow? 

Snippet from The Wizard Strange

A harsh voice spoke, “What is it you want of me? Ask or be gone!” It seemed to come from all around the room. 
Rosemary shrank back at this sound and wondered if the wizard would be of any help. If he were as bad as the Shadow King her journey would be wasted. This possibility had not occurred to her before and it made her feel more paralyzed than the outlandish words and floating head had done. Then she recalled Emilian, the old nursemaid who had loved the boy Simon Strange, and she resolved to discover if this icy wizard had any humanity left in his heart. 
She regained some courage and said shakily, “I come to ask help, not for myself, but for all the people who are now enslaved by the Shadow King, Kafkad.” 
The cold voice returned, “It is a long time since anyone disturbed my studies. Why should I help you?”    
Suddenly, Rosemary was enraged and exclaimed bitterly, “No one came here because you have kept them at bay with clashing storms and spells of fear. I have come all this way on a faint hope. No other person can help the people of Peliore.” She continued incoherently, “Now, perhaps the Shadow will imprison you too. It is so cold in here, how can you bear it?” She sobbed in her exhaustion and shivered violently. “Are you no longer human that you cannot care?” 

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