Thursday, July 3, 2014

Snippet from The Lady is Blue

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Sa Kamizan is about to reveal an Atrapako secret.

     Immediately the car stopped, Lucy leaped out and ran to the door. The alien was faster. Sa Kamizan was just behind as she reached the door and he put an arm out to block her passage.  Lucy’s pulse was racing. She leaned against the wall giggling. Next time she would wear the needler. 
     Sa Kamizan did not touch her. He waited until her laughter subsided and said quietly, “I do not mean to scare you. Will you let me enter and listen to what I have to say?  It is important.”
     Lucy was more exhilarated than afraid. The cool night air had cleared her brain. “Very well, I will listen to you. First, you must switch off the flitter engine; otherwise you will not be able to leave easily.”

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