Friday, July 11, 2014

Snippet for SFR Brigade Presents

Titbit for your amusement. This story is intended to be a comic Space Opera.

First meeting of main characters. The heroine in her guise as the thief, Grey Kat, has been dragged into a spaceship.

Two armed men escorted her to a large cabin. A tall man stood by a table displaying galactic charts. Strikingly, he was clothed entirely in black. He wore black leather boots, black gloves, and even his face was wrapped in folds of black cloth, exposing only his piercing green eyes under a black turban. She stared at him curiously. Sexy outfit, she mused. But, why did he cover his face?  Was it a cultural obligation, or was he hiding some hideous deformity?
He scrutinized her small figure with equal intensity. He saw a slim woman with alert tawny eyes and brown hair, wearing coveralls of a nondescript brown. He spoke in a cool, dispassionate tone, “My men say you are the cunning thief who stole secret codes from the Emperor’s Revenge. Where are the codes?”
She stared back in silence, tilting her chin in defiance.
“I am the Black Hawk. You are on my ship, the Rogue Star, and utterly in my power. I recommend you tell me what you know.” His deep cold voice sent a shiver down her spine. 

Please Comment: What do you think he is hiding?  (Hint, I have two alternative versions, so it's easy!) I'll tell you if you guessed one of them. 

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  1. I suspect the concealment and all black is a way of being intimidating

  2. Either that (referring to the previous comment) or they're criminals.

  3. Yes, they're criminals - a spy and a pirate.