Monday, July 14, 2014

Dragons of Vkani is published

Dragons of Vkani, the sequel to The Lady is Blue is available from Amazon.


This Science Fiction story is set on the two remote planets of Eden and Vkani. Peaceful Eden has an independent colony of Terrans and a small population of Atrapako. The alien Atrapako sport spiky crests, sharp claws, and scales covering massive humanoid bodies. Their scales come in one of four colors, representing their traditional class system. The meeting and adventures of the Blue, Sa Kamizan Veedak, and Dr. Lucy Stannis are described in the first Book “The Lady is Blue.”
The happy family life of Sa Kamizan and Lucy Stannis is interrupted when the Space Traders bring a distress signal from his sister, Veela. They must travel to the hostile Atrapako planet of Vkani to rescue Veela, the Dragon Lady of Ravenak.  In a break from strict tradition, Sa Kamizan befriends two Reds, the Ziggurak brothers, who become valuable members of his rescue team. The rescue mission is combined with a scientific expedition led by Dr. Jun Danzho and Te Tamarkis Varenne to probe the Deadlands for evidence of Lucy’s hypothesis of an ancient nuclear holocaust. The rescue teams encounter new friends and deadly foes in the hostile, barbaric environment where warlords wage battles amid ferocious sandstorms. In their search across the inhabited continent, Sa Kamizan demonstrates his prowess with a sword, while Lucy employs explosives, and, of course, the dragons.

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