Friday, July 18, 2014

Teaser from The Lady is Blue for SFR Brigade Presents

Snippet from The Lady is Blue

Sa Kamizan, the Atrapako hero is massive, with hard blue scales and vicious claws, deadly, despite his urbane public manner. Lucy is never scared of him. He claims his people are logical and unemotional, but she is skeptical and her scientific logic can match his. His idea of humans as puny, emotional and dull witted changes as he learns more about Lucy.  Note, Azarak means Autumn in the Atrapako language. Obviously, it has another meaning, as she guesses. 
In this excerpt, Lucy is showing him the mountains of Eden. They are lying naked in the sun after enjoying a dip in the stream. He threatens, teasingly, to scratch her back with his claws. She calls his bluff, and is surprised by the result. (He does not use the claws.)

His breathing quickened and Lucy felt his hand slide down her body. An uncomfortable flush spread over her. She tensed and said, coldly, “You enjoy touching me!” He removed his hand quickly and she sat up, hugging her knees to her chest protectively.
He gazed at her face, half kneeling in front of her. “You are beautiful!” he said with an unexpected catch in his voice.
“Do you feel emotion?” she said with another deep flush, as she sensed his physical attraction. For the first time, she felt he was vulnerable; he had betrayed a feeling of desire.
He gave a choke of laughter, “I did not claim to have no emotion, only less powerful emotions.”
A sudden insight hit her. “Oh, you mean less powerful than in Azarak?”
Immediately, he reacted in alarm. His crest hairs stood erect and his eyes narrowed as he grabbed her arm. “Who told you?”
Without hesitation, she said, looking into his piercing eyes, “You did!”
“I did not mention Azarak,” he said, glaring at her.
She said smoothly, “I made a lucky guess at the name.”
He released her arm, saying, “You are a dangerous woman, Lucy Stannis.” 

What happens in Azarak? 
This insight is valuable to Lucy as she works for a peaceful conclusion when they are separated by the ensuing conflicts. 
Book 2, Dragons  of Vkani, is free for one promotion day on July 20th (GMT). 

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