Friday, July 25, 2014

Sci-Fi Romance Brigade Presents - Intro for a new work

Here is the Introduction of a New SFR Novel

On a remote planet, a tall man stood alone on a rock staring out across the ocean. He jumped lightly off the rock and strode into the sea.
Suddenly, a long attenuated tentacle stretched out and wound around his ankle, tugging him off balance. He staggered and quickly recovered, putting his weight on his free leg and shaking the tethered foot. In the next instant, he slipped his sword from the sheath and slashed off the end of the tentacle, freeing his leg.
He leaped back, out of the frothing waves. Two more tentacles snaked from the sea toward him, and were rapidly sliced apart. More tentacles shot toward him, and a bulbous orange body emerged from the sea. A hard beak snapped open, as it moved closer.
Abruptly, it screeched frightfully, as an even larger monster broke the surface and grabbed the tentacles in its scimitar-like fangs. The great grey beast clamped its jaws and drew the tentacled creature deeper into the ocean.  
The man stepped back onto dry land. There was no escape here, no passage through the ocean, teeming with such monsters. He shouldered his heavy pack, and strode north along the coast toward the distant hills. 

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  1. Shouldn't he be a little more cautious about stepping into the water?