Friday, January 16, 2015

Welcome to another Science Fiction & Fantasy Saturday, where writers read and discuss snippets from their works.


Here is a snippet from A Tale of Two Colonies, which is free this Saturday.
A scout team from Earth are searching for the lost colony on a distant planet. They encounter the man, Conley, who seems unwilling to speak of himself or any other colonists. He is fascinated by Lily.
A Tale of Two Colonies

  Lily crawled back inside her tent to pack her sleeping bag. She heard voices outside and peered out. Just outside her tent, Max and Conley were confronting each other, or rather, she corrected herself on closer inspection, Max was confronting Conley.
       “Leave her alone,” Max said belligerently. He raised his fists. Conley stood calmly, yet Lily noted his alert stance. He could counter any attack easily.

  “Stop it, Max!” she ordered, stepping out in front of the two men. 
  “Lily, you’re putting yourself into a dangerous position,” he argued.
  “No, Max, you’re the one in danger.” She gestured at Conley, “He’s a fighter! Think of the length of his reach. I bet he’s seen real combat!” She glanced quickly at Conley and saw his lips twitch in a smile. Her guess was correct. 

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  1. Hope Max has a plan to overcome his opponent!

  2. Conley is fascinated with her, disturbingly quiet, and a fighter - makes for an interesting character - looking forward to seeing how the scene resolves.

  3. Huh, Conley seems more in tune with Lily than Max.

  4. Conley's attitude is disturbing.

  5. Conley is dangerous, sure of himself and interested in Lily. She doesn't stand a chance... ;-)

  6. Something tells me Max has crow on the menu.

  7. Yep! Lucky Conley's the peaceful type.