Friday, January 30, 2015

SFFSat snippet from Grand Master's Pawn

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Excerpt from part 2: Mission to Sythos, home of the dragon lords.
Brief explanation - Violet travels to the planet of Sythos with orders from her Grand Master to locate and study the dragon lords. 

To one side, she noted the green vegetation of a swamp. Curious, she veered towards the verdant marsh.

Green ferns predominated in the swamp, surrounding a dark pool of liquid, presumably water. Clouds of steam arose from the pool under the blazing heat of the sun. Violet flew cautiously over the limpid surface of the pool. As the shuttle passed over the water, a huge, open mouthed head burst up, raising circles of ripples. The grotesque head was followed by a long sinuous neck. Its round eyes focused on the flying vehicle, and the monstrous head shot toward her, its jaws gaped wide to swallow the shuttle.

Violet hit the accelerator and zoomed up rapidly. The enormous tooth-rimmed mouth snapped shut, barely missing the shuttle.

“Too close, by thunder!” The deep growl of her Grand Master came from her collar.  

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  1. That's a BIG dragon... Sounds to me like studying those brutes is best done at a very safe distance.

  2. Talk about a tourist trap. They need to put up a sign or something. I like that you added that it "may" be water - made me think what else it could be and what kind of beast would live in it.

  3. Remind me not to go fishing on that world. Sheesh!

  4. Reminds me of the underwater chase in the first Star Wars film. As long as there isn't something even bigger coming up!