Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Released - Grand Master's Pawn, part 1

Grand Masters' Universe
Epic science fiction with paranormal powers, mystery and romance
 Part 1, Pawn
Part 1 is released.

Expect Part 2 in February.

Pre-order part 2


The vast web of the teleportal system links the civilized planets, yet wars and disease propagate from the edge of the galaxy. Are the mysterious Grand Masters responsible for the disasters? On Avalon, the White Mother Tingu weaves her plans for the most promising empath in generations. Violet Hunter seems an ordinary graduate of the Terran Space Academy with the dream of exploring exotic planets. She hides her secret talent and her task of investigating the twelve Grand Masters. One Grand Master took a chance and selected Violet as his pawn. On her missions, Violet gains new powers, strange allies, and clues to the Grand Masters. While seeking answers, Violet is hurled into conflict with the Grand Masters, while the galaxy flies toward chaos.
Part 1 follows Violet’s mission to the ice planet of Erebus.

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