Friday, January 23, 2015

SFFSat - snippet from Grand Master's Pawn

Welcome to another Science Fiction & Fantasy Saturday, where we exchange snippets of works with other writers.

Today, I'll continue the excerpt from Grand Master's Pawn from where it ended two weeks ago. 
Part 1 is published,  
Part 2 is on pre-order
This is Violet Hunter's first meeting with the Grand Master. He speaks through a stone griffin with glowing blue eyes. 

His gruff voice grew severe again, “I have taken a chance by selecting you. You must prove yourself worthy to serve as my pawn.”

“My qualifications are excellent,” she said, nettled by his antagonistic attitude. Surely, he had checked the records for her performance at the Academy.

“True, however, you have no practical experience.”

Violet objected again, “Grand Master, I have more experience with aliens and other planets than most of my contemporaries.”

He growled, “I am aware of the reports on you. Nonetheless, every pawn must meet my high standards when performing their missions.”

His deep voice rose in volume and resonated throughout the small chamber, “You will perform the missions exactly as I command. Do you understand me, pawn?”

“Yes, Grand Master,” she said, trying to sound compliant. Who was he to plan a detailed strategy? He would be safe in his palace, or wherever Grand Masters chose to live, while she would be working under hazardous conditions. Her survival might require swift action.

The Grand Master continued in his imperious manner, “Your first mission will be to acquire the living crystals from the cave in the Catacombs of Erebus.” 

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  1. Seems to me like the Grand Master either has been burned by incompetent pawns before or just has a general attitude problem. Maybe both.

  2. I think that's a general requirement for Grand Masters - the crankiness that is. "You must prove yourself worthy to serve as my pawn." - Ouch.

  3. How does he expect to get people to work for him when he talks to them like that? Does Violet really want to work for a man like that? Except that she has her own agenda.

    1. He's her ticket to travel to exotic planets.
      Not a "modern" manager type!