Friday, January 9, 2015

Snippet for Science Fiction & Fantasy Saturday: Grand Master's Pawn

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Here is a piece from my WIP, which is epic science fiction with paranormal, and Book 1 in a trilogy. Violet Hunter has been selected to serve as the pawn of one of the powerful Grand Masters, following her dream of exploring exotic planets. The Grand Master is unaware of her secrets; she is an empath with the task of identifying the evil Grand Masters. Here is their first meeting, where she sees only his griffin avatar:


Two blue beams emerged from the round eyes of an ugly stone griffin, casting a weird light over the walls of the small room. A deep, resonant voice spoke, “I am the Grand Master and you will serve as my pawn.”

“Yes, Grand Master,” Violet said, refusing to show fear at the eerie, disembodied voice. “What may I call you?”

“You will call me Grand Master,” the haughty voice held an unpleasant edge.

Violet resolved to assert her independence instead of retreating into her usual passive acceptance, and said indignantly, “Grand Master, do your pawns have individual names?”

The room vibrated and psychic pressure built up against her. “You are insolent, Violet Hunter!” the Grand Master growled.

Shivering at the menace in his words, she stepped back against the wall, and instinctively shielded her mind. His psychic power was impressive since he was not physically in the room. Unexpectedly, Violet sensed a faint drift of amusement, the mental equivalent of a smile.

“Hunter is a good name for your vocation,” he remarked in a milder tone.

Violet stiffened; he must never learn the truth. She hunted him.

The full story, Grand Master's Pawn, is in its final day on kindle scout, where you can read the first two chapters. I plan to publish soon, whatever Amazon decides. 
Grand Master's Pawn

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  1. Excellent snippet - the final line is great, turning the whole situation around. Looking good!

  2. Interesting snippet...rather ominous title of Grand Master there. I was also interested in this Kindle Scout setup that you mentioned. First I've heard of it, so I'll have to go do a bit of research...

    1. Amazon will sponsor selected stories submitted to kindle scout. But you need a lot of dedicated followers to make the book "HOT"
      I'm using it as potential publicity.

  3. "She hunted him." Must go off and think about that one.


  4. I do like that last line. A taste of things to come?

  5. At least he's acknowledging she *does* have a name...