Saturday, September 12, 2015

Snippet 2 from the horrid wedding for #WeWriWa

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Today, I’ll continue the wedding scene from my WIP, Grand Master’s Mate, Book 3 in the trilogy. 
Violet and her Grand Master, Athanor, are at the wedding of her friend, Tessa. The bridegroom, Phineas, won an award for inventing an instrument to measure psychic energy. The Council of Grand Masters is likely to ban such a device, but Athanor approved its use in a battle with Morrigu.
Note 1, exposure to the unshielded power of a Grand Master can be lethal.
Note 2, some of the wedding guests are aliens.
You can read last Sunday’s snippet here: 
Last week, we ended with an explosion. Boom; a red explosion shattered the glass panes in the curved wall of the atrium.

. Screams mingled with the tinkle of glass shards on the stone-tiled floor and menacing psi pressure vibrated through the room.
Eyes flaring ruby light, Morrigu dropped into the central space. Her long blonde braids and four red-skinned arms were a nightmarish hybrid of Celtic and Hindu myths.
Tessa crumpled in a dead faint. Phineas caught her in his arms and backed away from the horrid scarlet beams of the Red Queen. Sweeping her gaze around the atrium, Violet was startled by the devastating effects of Morrigu’s raw power. Half of the wedding guests had collapsed in psychic trauma and the rest were rigid with shock. His face blanched, Srini clutched at the chair back in front of him and slid to the floor. Ears folded back and trembling, Lira bared sharp teeth and spat at the terrible apparition. The shelly carapace of Professor Gullish sprawled on the floor, thin legs twitching in the air and pink underbelly exposed.

Books 1 & 2 of the Trilogy are published.
Grand Master’s Pawn:
Grand Master’s Game:

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  1. I love this sentence: "The shelly carapace of Professor Gullish sprawled on the floor, thin legs twitching in the air and pink underbelly exposed."

  2. Wow Aurora! What an entrance! Well done, how absolutely terrifying!

  3. What a terrifying entrance! I'd be joining the bride in her dead faint. Loved the varied reactions of the other guests!

    1. Tessa is nervy, but many people collapse on exposure to a Grand Master

  4. Good grief! What a horrible thing to have happen. Glad I wasn't a guest at that wedding. LOL.

  5. Really an amazing scene and I enjoyed all the descriptions of how the various guests were reacting (not that I want them to suffer but you know - it was well done!). Great snippet. I shudder to think what'll happen next!

    1. Of course the characters have to suffer so that they appreciate the HEA.

  6. I take it she wasn't invited? Great entrance- loved every bit of it.