Friday, September 18, 2015

Attack on Illoris - Snippet for #SFFSat

Welcome to another Saturday of Science Fiction & Fantasy and read snippets exchanged by several writers.
For a change of pace, my contribution this week is from my unedited WIP, Grand Master’s Mate, Book 3 in the Grand Master’s Trilogy. Note: the dragons are reptilian sentients.
I’ve jumped to later in the same chapter with an action scene starting in the great hall of the Black Dragon’s eyrie. You can read last week’s snippet here –

Violet swung to Ythris and cried, “Athanor’s in trouble!”
“Leave them to us,” Ythris roared. His huge black wings cracked down and he disappeared. Following their leader, four brown dragons popped into the void.
“They’ve scattered black dust to block his power,” Violet covered her face with her hands and prayed the dragons would be in time.
Istrelle sang words of comfort, “Ythris told me of the putrid dust in the Red Queen’s dungeon. He will disperse the dust.”
A minute later, the Black Dragon reappeared, bearing Athanor in his foreclaws. Green goo slathered the Grand Master’s survival suit. His blue eyes blazed with revived power.
Violet ran to hug him.
“Wait,” he barked and shook off the slime from the amoeboids. Then, he hugged her.
When they broke apart, Athanor growled, “The attackers were Umloa’s people and they expected to find a Grand Master.”
“They knew nothing about the dragons’ immunity,” Ythris rumbled, shaking his scales. 

Books 1 & 2 are published.
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  1. I'm glad Athanor's all right - you can't keep a good Grand Master down!

    1. Even though I keep trying in the stories. He's not invincible.

  2. I love the blend of fantasy and sci fi here.

    1. This trilogy is a mix - superpowers, myths and alien planets

  3. Never leave a dragon behind! -- a good motto to live by.

  4. It appears Umloa has some 'splaining to do.

  5. Well they know about the dragon's immunity now!

  6. Lol that he took a moment to shake off the goo. Now that's considerate. :P