Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Teaser Tuesday #sfrgtt A Tale of Two Colonies #99c Sale

5* Review: A positive view of the universe June 23, 2015
An excellent story of how two societies can live together for the betterment of all. It is my hope that this author gives us ore based in this universe. I am looking forward to reading more by this author.
Four hundred years earlier the great spaceships had departed from Terra to colonize distant planets. Few ships reached their destinations; their sporadic signals waned and disappeared. No one knew whether the colonists survived. Now, construction of a new generation of hyperdrive ships is scheduled at one every five years. Planet Delta was selected as the next target for survey when the arrival of a brief signal suggested the descendants of the colonists were still alive.
Tiger Lily longs for freedom. In her fight to escape the subterranean slums of Terra, Lily competes to join the scout team selected for the next spaceship along with a new set of prospective colonists. Their mission to discover the lost colony faces the challenges posed by the voracious predators of the planet. In the mountains, they encounter Conley, a grim warrior who longs to escape the confines of his isolated valley. Has Tiger Lily met her match in this tortured warrior? Where is he leading them? Danger lies ahead, and conflicts between humans and aliens. Can they ensure the safety of the new human colonists, or must they retreat in shame to Terra? 

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Excerpt - Why Lily wants to leave Terra

Lily strode through the grimy subterranean passages to her tiny room, flushed with the success of her performance and indifferent to the hunched figures of the silent passersby. She ignored the group of five ragged youths lounging idly at the corner, until they moved deliberately in her direction.
“Out alone!” one man jeered, clearly believing her to be vulnerable.
“We’ll give you a good time!” another man called with vulgar intentions, reaching out to grab her arm.
She swiveled rapidly, punching him below the belt. He collapsed with a moan.
Two others advanced angrily on her. She leaped at them, aiming a vicious kick. Her target crumpled in agony, clutching at his groin. The third man hesitated, unluckily for him. Her fist thudded against his jaw and he sagged to the ground, unconscious.
One of the two youths, who had hung behind well out of the action, shouted, “Watch out! It’s Tiger Lily. I saw her fight in the arena.”
The other man called, “She’s big trouble! Let’s get out of here!” They dashed away, abandoning their injured comrades who lay groaning on the dirty floor. 

She will contend with giant arthropods on the colony planet. 

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