Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Teaser from WIP Grand Master's Mate for #SFRTT

The Wedding from Hell - Scene from Book 3 of the Grand Master's Trilogy

The Director of the Center for Life Science opened the ceremony. He had taught biology to Tessa and Violet in their first year at the Academy. His slow, sonorous voice tended to send his listeners to sleep and today was no exception. He began with a long winded introduction to the bride and groom and their excellent qualities.
Leaning back in his chair, Athanor closed his eyes. The lecture bored him. In contrast, Violet’s green eyes gleamed with delight. She had never attended a wedding and Tessa was her special friend. Concealing her thoughts from Athanor, Violet suppressed her worries. How could she ever get married when she loved a Grand Master? Lira purred softly beside her, untroubled by shadows of the Grand Masters.
Violet kept her senses tuned to Athanor. She feared he would fall asleep and inadvertently expose everyone to his raw power when he woke. His mind hazed and she sent him a mental pinch.
Suppressing a yawn, he sent unconvincingly, “I’m awake.” His mind sharpened, and he griped, “Next time, remind me not to accept an invitation to a wedding.”
You weren’t invited,” she snickered mentally and squeezed his hand. He groaned under his breath.  
After the Director finished his introduction, the rest of the ceremony was short and simple. The mediator offered a blessing and Phineas slid the ring over Tessa’s slender finger. Violet’s eyes misted, anticipating their happiness.
Boom! A red explosion shattered the glass panes in the curved wall of the atrium. Screams mingled with the tinkle of glass shards on the stone-tiled floor. Menacing psi pressure vibrated through the room.
Eyes flaring ruby light, Morrigu dropped into the central space. Her long blonde braids and four red-skinned arms were a nightmarish hybrid of Celtic and Hindu myths.
Tessa crumpled in a dead faint and Phineas caught her in his arms. He backed away form the horrid scarlet beams of the Red Queen. She had violated the essential ban against exposing normal people to unshielded psi energy. Many people in the audience collapsed in psychic shook. His face blanched, Srini clutched at the chair back in front of him. Ears folded back and trembling, Lira hissed at the terrible apparition. 
Leaping to his feet, Athanor raised his arms high above his head. Sheets of blue light rippled around the terrified wedding party, creating a protective enclosure. Some of the audience fainted and the rest were rigid with shock. His mind merged with Violet and he griped, “She looks more devilish then ever.
Livid coils of psi energy surged through the air, crackling between the two Grand Masters. 

Book 1 and 2 are published
Grand Master’s Pawn: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00TP1N5PM
Grand Master’s Game: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B0104OFJJ8


  1. Wow, Aurora! What an exciting excerpt! I can't wait to read the books!