Friday, May 15, 2015

Welcome to #SFFSat and a new Snippet from Grand Master's Pawn

Welcome to another Saturday of Science Fiction & Fantasy snippets exchanged by writers.
My contribution this week comes from Grand Master’s Pawn (Part 2 is Free today - 16th May).

The dragon swung his great head to peer at her, perplexed by her lack of fear. Violet was fascinated. At last, she stood next to one of the fabled dragon lords of Sythos. A fleeting nudge at her collar marked the Grand Master’s interest.
“Your wing is injured,” she said, reaching out her hand in sympathy.
His head recoiled and Ythris hissed in distaste, “You are a Vron, an ugly human!” 
“Yes, I’m a human. I have permission to venture onto your lands,” Violet said firmly, refusing to be overawed by the huge dragon. “Will you permit me to examine your broken wing, Ythris?”
The dragon’s luminous eyes blinked, and his head curled round to stare at the unusable wing, “I have little choice. No one else has replied to my calls for help.” His head swiveled until his long nose almost touched her face. Violet noted the curved white fangs protruding from his jaws and the flat black scales over his narrow face. He was deadly, yet she did not fear him.

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  1. She's brave! But kind too. I hope she's able to help him!

    1. Liza's review of the whole book got it right - pay forward - the friends she makes are critical to achieve the happy ending.