Thursday, May 7, 2015

Exoplanets in my #SciFi #Romance Stories

In celebration of my first anniversary as a published author, I’m listing the many planets in my stories. My stories are set on various planets, within our solar system and farther away on imaginary planets. Some planets are terraformed, or Earth-like, others have stranger environments.

Scientists on Mars are the protagonists in my short story set in the near future: “Lonely Hearts on Mars”.

 Series: Atrapako on Eden
The terraformed planet of Eden has a small human colony and a spaceship of desperate aliens in “The Lady is Blue”. This ebook is discounted to 99c for May.
The alien Atrapacko come from the hostile planet Vkani with its devastation due to war-loving factions and radioactive Deadlands. See “Dragons of Vkani”.

The planet Delta is the destination in “A Tale of Two Colonies”, where the erstwhile colonists battle giant arthropods in search of the lost colony.

My space operetta “Captured by the Hawk” hops to several planets and star systems: Hassam, Laos Minor, Ulberkop, Williwanga.

Grand Masters’ Universe
In “Grand Master’s Pawn”, the pawn Violet teleports to five planets on her missions: the ice planet of Erebus with underground caverns, fiery Sythos home of the dragon lords, Cinerea with barbaric tribes of humans, and two unnamed planets off the galactic charts. She visits two other planets, excluding Terra, in the intervals between her missions: beautiful Avalon where her tutor Mother Tingu lives, and her home planet of Cirrus-beta.

The jungle on Jangalore is the setting in my short holiday story: “Gifts of Jangalore”. Jangalorians also have minor roles in “Grand Master’s Pawn”.

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