Friday, December 19, 2014

Snippet for Science Fiction & Fantasy Saturday

Welcome to another round of SFFSat where several authors share 15 line snippets from their work. 

Today, as promised, I will continue the snippets from my short story. This story is now published as a holiday-themed romance, Gifts of Jangalore.
Gifts of Jangalore


      A huge head with enormous jagged sucker of a mouth protruded between the trees. The sucker mouth swayed toward them.

      Violet clung to the Psi Master’s arm, gritted her teeth and aimed the blaster at the bulging maws of the monster.

      “Stay close, the monster cannot penetrate my barrier,” Taranis breathed in her ear, one arm securely round her waist and the other extended, emitting power to reinforce the shield. The long pallid body reared in a great arch over the faint glimmer of the shield. The coils slithered over the barrier like a gigantic snake, oozing slime. Grey slime dribbled over the dome, and outlined the invisible shape of a hemisphere. Underneath, its intended victims stared in awe at the enormous grey body. Violet shuddered in disgust. If the shield broke, they would be crushed by the gooey coils. She pressed against the Psi Master.

      The ugly head swung from side to side in search of its vanished prey, but sensed nothing. After an eternity, the pale length of the great monster undulated over the transparent shield and moved beyond, crashing deeper into the forest.

      Silence dropped, and Violet exhaled the breath she had held. “The beast seeks another victim,” she whispered. 

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  1. An impressive, menacing monster gives an excellent excuse for the male lead to put an arm around our heroine...

  2. Of course, he needs a kick after all the "distant courtesy".

  3. Nice detail in the descriptions. Wonderful suspense and I liked the way the two of them gravitated closer to each other over it.

  4. Thanks! That's the fun part of writing.

  5. Yeugh! I really don't think I want to be in their shoes for anything.

  6. We write about the things we hate, or love.