Monday, December 8, 2014

Free eBook Dec 12-13 - Dragons of Vkani

Rescue Mission to Hostile Planet of Scaly Aliens

Dragons of Vkani

The peaceful planet of Eden has an independent colony of humans and a small population of Atrapako, the alien exiles from their war torn home planet of Vkani. The Atrapako are covered in scales in one of four colors, representing their traditional class system. The Blue Sa Kamizan is married to scientist Dr. Lucy Stannis. Their happy family life is interrupted when the Space Traders bring a distress signal from his sister, Veela, who is besieged in the Fortress of Ravenak. They must gather volunteers for a dangerous rescue mission to Vkani, where the exiled Atrapako risk death if they are discovered. In the search for their lost relatives, the rescuers struggle with deadly foes and the hostile environment of the barbaric planet where warlords wage battles amid ferocious sandstorms. They need all their skills and new allies to combat treachery by power-hungry Blues. How many of the rescuers will survive and escape to Eden?

Book I: The Lady is Blue describes the adventures of Lucy Stannis when Sa Kamizan's ship first arrived on Eden.


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