Friday, December 5, 2014

Snippet for Science Fiction & Fantasy Saturday

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I will continue the short story following the quest of Psi Master Taranis for ancient artifacts. He is accompanied by his hired guard Violet, who has the lowly talent of empathy. We skip a few lines from the last post two weeks ago.


The trees arched overhead and the shadows deepened as they walked further into the forest. Violet shivered, the darkness oppressed her spirits. Taranis strode on, his eyes fixed ahead, and seemingly unaffected by the gathering gloom.
Crash, swish, crash, crash! Violet paused. She sensed a large predator moving toward them. “It hunts us,” she whispered.
“Stand behind me,” he ordered, his hand sizzled with power when he grasped her arm.
“I’m your guard,” she protested, pulling away from him. The crashes became thunderous and branches swayed at the edge of their restricted view through the tree trunks.
He said, “That hunter is larger than you by the noise of its passage through the forest.”
Violet drew the blaster from her pack, “I have heavy weapons.”
He glared, his eyes fierce beneath black eyebrows, “I am the Psi Master. Get behind me!”


 Maybe next week he will demonstrate his powers.

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  1. Taranis comes across as strongly arrogant - I'll be interested to see what powers he has and whether he is right to be so arrogant!

  2. Good! You'll have to wait until next week.

  3. Heh. He is also rather talkative, it appears. Next week will be interesting.