Friday, October 10, 2014

Snippet for SFFSat: A Tale of Two Colonies

October Snippet

For the Halloween month of October, I'm boosting my SF story set on a planet inhibited by giant arthropods.


A tale of Two ColoniesA Tale of Two Colonies. There is no respite from insect attacks on planet Delta, where Lily is scouting for remnants of the lost colony. Conley is a descendant of the original colonists and familiar with the hazards.


Lily leaned against Conley and relaxed with the boulder supporting her back. She closed her eyes sleepily under the warmth of the afternoon sun.
Conley shifted slightly. “Lily?” he said softly.
“Yes,” she opened her eyes. He was gazing into her face.
“Thank you,” he said, and kissed her warmly.
She slid her arms around his neck and leaned into his embrace. It was peaceful lying in the sun with a faint humming sound in the distance. As they kissed, the sound grew louder.
Suddenly, Conley broke away and leapt to his feet with a warning yell, “Stripers!”
Looking up, Lily discovered the source of the sound was orange striped insects flying above. She struggled erect and pulled out her laser. Conley jumped high in the air to slash with his long sword at the zooming insects, which were attacking in formation. 

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  1. There's always something wanting to spoil a pleasant moment - that's the cussedness of the universe!

  2. Really should NOT be kissing outdoors, lol! :-P