Friday, October 17, 2014

Snippet for SFFSat from Dragons of Vkani

For your entertainment, Dragons of Vkani is Free Oct 17-18.

Here is another short piece of my published novel for Science Fiction & Fantasy Saturday.



Lucy Stannis, a Terran, and Sa Kamizan Veedak, a scale-covered Atrapako, have traveled from their home on the colony of Eden to rescue his sister from his hostile home planet of Vkani. His sister is called the Dragon Lady of Ravenak. In this piece we meet the dragons and the enigmatic Raven.
Read the book to see Lucy rescue her mate from a fate worse than death!



Dragons of VkaniThe dragon reared up on its hind legs, placing its forepaws on Sa Kamizan’s broad chest and flicked its tongue at him. It stood taller than Lucy, with its long tail sweeping over the ground.
“I think they are friendly,” Lucy said. She stood, waiting for the Blue Atrapako, with one hand on the head of the smaller dragon at her feet. Sa Kamizan kept his hand lightly on her shoulder. He shrugged, and patted the head of the dragon leaning against him.
The Blue Atrapako approached quickly and they saw it carried a long-barreled gun in a shoulder belt. The Blue slowed, and stopped a few paces in front. It was slim with a short crest of fine spines, and stood perhaps half a foot short of Sa Kamizan’s imposing height.
“Who are you, strangers?” the young Blue said curtly. “You are trespassing! I am Raven, the protector of Ravenak. I guard this passage with my dragons.”
“I am Sa Kamizan,” he said calmly.
Raven gasped with widened eyes, “Sa Kamizan Veedak, who was called to our aid?”
“The same,” he said in such a smug voice that Lucy grinned behind her face mask. 

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  1. I'm irresistably reminded of a big dog I came across, putting her paws on my shoulders and licking me. Your description of the dragon is very evocative of that! Good snippet - thanks!

  2. I have a dog, but we don't let him do that. Yes, the dragons are hunters like dogs.

  3. I love the suspicion of the Blue. So satisfying to unruffle those (not) feathers.