Thursday, October 23, 2014

Romancing Halloween

Romance with Paranormal Halloween Theme

Romancing Haloween BlogHop

To share my love of wizards and witches, here is an excerpt from my sweet romance novella, Rosemary's Quest. The eBook will be free on Oct. 25-26. 

Blurb: Rosemary cannot understand why she is bullied and taunted as a witch-child. She does not know any magic. Nor does she understand why no one else in her village fears the encroaching shadow of the evil king Kafkad. She runs away on a quest to destroy the evil king, escaping just before the shadows engulf her village. Rosemary seeks for the once famous, and now almost forgotten, White Wizard Strange. Is he still alive and does he have the power to destroy Kafkad?
Rosemary's Quest

Snippet from the Book - their first kiss

The clouds were stained a vivid red and purple against a sky of translucent turquoise as the sun sank perceptibly below the horizon. 

“Yes, it is splendid,” the wizard agreed. It was easier for him to see in the dusky light. They both stood staring into the west for some time, in silence. It grew colder and Rosemary shivered. He put an arm around her shoulders. She sighed and leaned her head against him. It seemed quite natural. She could hear his deep breathing. 

“Simon,” she said shyly, and he clasped her more firmly. She felt his lips brush her hair with a soft breath of purple.
“Shall we go in now?” he asked softly. They walked back together and both were very happy. 
When they were inside the door, Simon leaned down to kiss her. As their lips touched, Rosemary heard a violent crack and colors flared about them in greens and blues. “What is happening?” she gasped as they fell apart.
“Oh, no!” he whispered. “It was the contact between our powers. We sent a vibration through the spirit plane.”
“Will it happen again?” she asked.
“I fear we must take care. It is dangerous! Kafkad will sense the disturbance.”

Oh no! Their kiss will alert the enemy. Yet another reason to get rid of Kafkad.

Despite her lack of strong magic, Rosemary's ingenuity will be vital in the future battle.

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