Thursday, October 2, 2014

SFR Brigade Showcase - Captured by the Hawk

Captured by the Hawk

SFR Brigade Showcase

I have been composing science fiction and fantasy stories for decades, but only became a self-published author this year with 2 full-length novels and 3 novellas. SFR Brigade membership has proved a valuable resource for me as an author and a reader.

For October’s Showcase, I will highlight my Space Operetta with its feisty heroine and charming rogue of a space pirate. The eBook is free Oct. 3-4.

Captured by the Hawk

 Interstellar spy, Grey Kat, is captured by the enigmatic Black Hawk, renegade captain of the Rogue Star, who terrorizes the Emperor’s spaceships. He persuades her to assist in his next piracy attempt, which plunges them into a series of comical misadventures traveling through several ships and different planets. Will she discover the secrets of the mysterious Black Hawk before she suffers the fate of his unfortunate ex-wife?
 5* review on Amazon

Character Interview with the heroine, Katrina Sligo

Interviewer: You go by several names in the story. Which one do you prefer?

Heroine: The different names come from my full name and reflect different aspects of my personality. I am both Grey Kat, the interstellar spy, and Mistress Trina Sligo, daughter of the Solarian ambassador. Not many people call me Katrina, but they include my favorite people.

Interviewer: What is Captain Hawk’s best feature?

Heroine: His green eyes of course! They are the only visible part of Black Hawk’s face in his sexy black outfit.

Interviewer: People say he is a charming rogue. What is your opinion?

Heroine: He’s not charming me! I like to see a man’s face when he kisses me. And, what about his dead wife? Her cabin on his spaceship hasn’t been touched since her death. He has too many mysteries in my opinion.

Interviewer: Didn’t you agree to help him steal a ship?

Heroine: Yes, and it was a total disaster. It went from bad to worse; I was knocked unconscious three times! And all he can say is “Kiss me Kat!”

Excuse me, I have a man to fix. She hisses, If he doesn’t stop singing “When Irish eyes are smiling.” he’s in real trouble! Cormac must have told him how much I hate that song!  She reaches for the nearest heavy object and runs out

OK, it is a four-leaved clover not a shamrock. But, I found it in our backyard!

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  1. Love your character interview, Aurora. It makes her very real. (Nice osprey on the cover, too)

  2. I love character interviews! Kat sounds like my kind of heroine!

  3. I'm a sucker for green eyes myself. :)

  4. A lady with an attitude, I see. Sounds interesting!

  5. Fun character interview! A feisty heroine for sure.