Friday, September 26, 2014

Snippet from A Tale of Two Colonies for SFFSat

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A Tale of Two Colonies (eBook FREE on Saturday)

Lily is a member of the scout team searching for the colony lost 400 years earlier. They have found two men, Brent and Conley, who must be the descendants of the original colonists. Their customs have changed and communication has been tricky at times. Here, Brent has been injured, and there seems to be a slight misunderstanding.


There was a groan from Brent as he turned his head. “He’s in pain,” Lily remarked quietly. “I can cure that.”
She selected a needle and filled the syringe. She held the injector up to check the dose, and leaned toward Brent. Suddenly, her arm was seized in a vice-like grip. 
“No!” Conley cried urgently. 
Lily stared at his angry face, “I want to give him an analgesic to dull the pain. What did you think I was doing?” 
His expression relaxed a little, but his grip on her arm did not loosen. “Leg broken, Brent cannot walk. Leave him!” 
“Oh, we can’t leave him here. He would die,” she relied automatically. Then, she had a horrific thought, “Did you think I was going to kill Brent?” 

A Tale of Two Colonies

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  1. Always difficult when there isn't a true meeting of minds.

  2. Hmmm. And there I was thinking Conley might be wanting to leave Brent to die...

    Nice snippet. Gets one thinking about motives.

  3. That's still a possibility,