Friday, September 12, 2014

Lines for SFFSat from A Tale of Two Colonies

Time for another 15 lines for Science Fiction & Fantasy Saturday

Fight for freedom! Fight to survive! The colony ship left Terra 500 years ago. What happened to it? Lily escapes the squalid confines of Terra to search for the lost colony. 

from A Tale of Two Colonies (Released in August)

As she approached, the ugly head of a creature reared out of the water. Its vicious, scythe like jaws were clamped around Jim’s leg. It had a segmented body, longer than a man, with many legs thrashing in the water. Lily had no time to be afraid. She gritted her teeth and fired her laser, with little effect on the armored body. She jumped into the water, trying to jab her stick between the creature’s jaws and pry them apart.
John came running from the houses, carrying a heavy duty slicer. He used the powerful laser beam to sever the creature’s head from its body. They grabbed Jim and hauled him to the bank, while the creature’s body continued to whip around, splashing in the deeper water. Its jaws were fastened tightly onto Jim’s leg. In the end, John had to cut away the creature’s jaws in order to release Jim’s torn leg.
“We must carry better weapons from now on,” John said. “We can’t underestimate the unknown dangers of this planet.”
Lily nodded in agreement. Looking back at the river, she saw a large winged creature swoop onto the thrashing body of the dead animal. 


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  1. Yikes! I'd say they definitely need those better weapons...

  2. Oh boy! Lily's absolutely nuts to jump into the water like that! Great snippet, with some pretty awful creatures :-)

  3. And it doesn't stop even when it's dead. The sort of creature that gives a world a bad reputation - ouch!

  4. Like most snake-like creatures, cutting off its head doesn't render it motionless. Terrifying in every way. This planet sound very dangerous. The extra creepy crawly that swooped in at the end gave me a shiver. Ick!

  5. Does headless mean dead for these critters?