Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Creation of Characters for Captured by the Hawk

Conception of the main characters

Captured by the Hawk

The story took off once the two main characters gelled in my mind.


The first scene has the heroine dodging around a space port, so obviously she would need to blend in with nondescript clothes and hair. Hence Grey Kat. But, she is a disguised spy with the alter ego of Mistress Trina Sligo. Mistress Trina has a distinctive appearance with red hair and Irish heritage. Her Irish cousins appear later in the story, with thank and apologies to my own Irish relatives.

Black Hawk

The hero was intended to have a mysterious past, his name is appropriate for a space pirate. I imagined a mix of literary precedents - Bluebeard, notorious for killing his wives; Captain Nemo, mourning his dead wife; and Captain Hook. So, Captain Black Hawk acquired a wife who died under mysterious circumstances, as well as other similarities with the fictional characters.

Put the hero and heroine together and adventures happened. Love blossoms, with Kat struggling to uncover what horror is concealed under Black Hawk's mask

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