Wednesday, September 3, 2014

History of Covers for New Release - Captured by the Hawk

The Road to a Cover


Captured by the Hawk is a Space Operetta. Fast, furious, fun and full of cliches! Follow the misadventures of interstellar spy Grey Kat when she is kidnapped by Black Hawk, renegade captain of the Rogue Star. 



First Attempt at cover: 

I like the galaxy for a space opera, but it's too spotty together with the hawk (actually it is an osprey)





Second Try:

 No, the galaxy definitely does not work!





A Different Style: 

Black and mysterious, which is appropriate for Black Hawk, the hero.

But, it is a Space Operetta, with fun and romance. So, the cover needs brighter colors.




Try Again: 

  The blue and orange work well, but the hawk is less conspicuous. Also, an orange planet might be confused with our harvest moon. 

I used this cover for the paper book. 

Let's try another color. 



Final (so far) eBook cover:

We have a blue planet, which looks more spacey, and the hawk in orange-brown is more prominent.

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