Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Teaser Tuesday - Flowers in my Stories

I love the flowers of Spring and some of my characters are named after flowers. 

Tiger Lily is the nickname of the feisty heroine of A Tale of Two Colonies. 

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Tiger Lily is a fighter with few equals. She fights to escape the slums of Terra, and wins a place on the next colony ship. Their mission to discover what happened to the colony lost four hundred years earlier faces the challenges of voracious insectoid predators. In the mountains, Lily meets Conley, a  scarred warrior who longs to escape slavery. Has Tiger Lily met her match? He leads them into dangerous territory, and risks conflicts with aliens.

Violet is the young protagonist in Grand Master's Pawn.

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Young empath, Violet, is determined to uncover the truth about the mysterious Grand Masters. Who or what are they? Do they threaten or benefit civilization? The griffin avatar of her Grand Master might hide a robot, an alien, or a human. Her missions as a pawn lead her into an impossible love and a world of intrigues. 


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