Friday, April 10, 2015

Next snippet from Grand Master's Pawn for #SFFSat

Welcome to another Saturday of Science Fiction & Fantasy snippets exchanged by writers.

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My contribution this week continues the scene where Violet and Taranis climb the vertical cliff to escape ravenous insectoids.   


At length, she reached the vertical crack in the cliff face, and halted on a wider shelf. She rested her head against the cold rock, trembling with tension from the tricky passage.
Taranis steadied her with his arm around her shaking shoulders. “The next stage will be easier,” he said. “Look up. The crack has hand and foot holds on the sides. Imagine a chimney running to the top. You can brace yourself against opposite sides as you climb.”
Staring up, Violet understood what he meant. She saw the minuscule crevices and tiny projections to use in her ascent up the narrow crack.
“I won’t let you fall. I’ll climb right behind you.”
Gradually, her confidence mounted, and she resolved not to disappoint her Grand Master. “I’m ready,” she whispered, and reached for the first projection inside the chimney.
“Go slowly and take as much time as you need,” he advised.

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  1. I did some rock-climbing a good few years ago - I still remember how terrifying it was, but also the way of seeing the rockface. This snippet captures those feelings very neatly. It also convinces me I don't want to try rock-climbing again!

  2. Neither do I! I'm scared of vertical drops.

    1. My view is that being scared of vertical drops is simple common sense!