Friday, April 3, 2015

Snippet for #SFFSat from Grand Master's Pawn

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Today, I will continue the sequence in Grand Master's Pawn from last week's snippet. Violet and her companion, Taranis, escape their alien attackers by climbing a vertical cliff. 


          Looking up at the vertical rock face, she shuddered, “I don’t see how to climb up.” She stared at her companion, her eyes wide with alarm, and imagined compassion in his face.
“In my youth, I enjoyed climbing mountains,” he said, and almost smiled. “I’ll tell you where to place your hands and feet.”
She glanced down at the red-shelled attackers, bit her lip, and swallowed her fears. “All right,” she said, scrambling to her feet. “Show me the way. You’re lucky I don’t suffer from vertigo.”
He nodded, “Good! First, we walk along this ledge to the crevice. You go first.” 
Violet edged cautiously along the ledge, which narrowed as she proceeded, until it was a mere lip the width of her foot. Guided by Taranis, she faced the cliff and pressed against the rock, clinging to the tiniest projections. She placed one foot after the other, gritting her teeth and remembering not to look down. The ledge narrowed until it was only wide enough for her toes, and she crept slowly on her tiptoes, grateful for the support of his arm on her back.  

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  1. I commend her for her courage - you do a nice job of making her determination and terror show in equal measure.

    1. Thanks! She has to be brave to deal with a Grand Master.