Monday, February 9, 2015

Teaser Tueday - Trouble with aliens from The Lady is Blue #SciFirom

Welcome to another Tuesday Teaser for SciFi Romance Group.

Today, I'm giving you an excerpt from my first full-length SciFi romance novel, published 10 months ago. A bad moment in the story.

Description: An alien spaceship landed on Eden, which has a small colony of humans. The aliens have crests, scaled bodies and a rigid class system of colors. Dr. Lucy Stannis befriends the alien captain Sa Kamizan Veedak. At first, the aliens seem friendly, but later...


Lucy felt a sudden chill of premonition as the screen showed the Blue Atrapako General. “Oh, no!” she cried. “I can’t look,” and buried her face in her hands. It was Sa Kamizan Veedak, resplendent in a uniform of blue and gold.

“You must watch, Lucy,” snapped Colin. “You are our expert on Trapies.”  He gripped her shoulders firmly.

“I can’t stand it,” Lucy moaned, and yet she removed her hands from her eyes. “I hate uniforms!”

The General’s cool voice of authority assured them that the coup had been bloodless and would remain so if the humans submitted calmly. When he indicated that the Atrapako were exerting their natural superiority, there was a giggle from Trisha.
“He's quite a handsome soldier, Lucy,” Trisha remarked. “Look at that sword!” 
Lucy turned pale and shook with anger. “He's a vile, hateful, deceitful reptile!”
“Shut up, Lucy! Listen.” said Colin curtly. “We need to understand what they intend.  Can you tell what Sa Kamizan is thinking?”
“He’s not happy,” she said abruptly. “Actually, you could say, crestfallen,” she gave a tiny choke of laughter.
“Shouldn’t he feel triumphant after his successful coup?” Colin said quizzically.
“No, he doesn’t,” she said in a small voice. “You see, he’s too stiff, crest lowered, flat emotionless voice. He’s not exuberant. Don’t ask me why.” 

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