Friday, February 27, 2015

Snippet for Science Fiction & Fantasy Saturday - Grand Master's Pawn

Welcome to another Saturday with samples from Science Fiction & Fantasy stories. 

Today, I'll continue from last Saturday's snippet. Violet returned from her first mission with three crystals - two blue and one purple. In this scene she is with the other pawns.

“Where did you go on your mission, Gary?” Violet asked, ignoring his barb, despite her annoyance at his criticism of her Grand Master. She touched the crystals hidden in her pocket. Were the sapphires intended for her collar?

Gary said proudly, “I scouted the barbarian lands of a planet that my Grand Master plans to bless with her beneficent rule. My Grand Master is a great queen, and she wields power on many planets.”

Srini glanced at Violet, and a smile of derision crossed his brown face.

Violet lowered her eyes to hide her contempt. If Gary spoke the truth, he served a corrupt and dominating Grand Master. Srini’s Grand Master seemed better; he was willing to assist the Space Corps. Violet reserved judgment on her own Grand Master. At least, her mission to retrieve the crystals seemed innocuous in comparison to Gary’s arrogant claims.

She was aware of the disapproval in the minds of her friends, Lira and Srini. The other pawns were uncomfortable in Gary’s brash presence.

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  1. And Gary remains just as unpleasant as when we first met him - and his Grandmistress seems to be equally nasty. Perhaps that's why she chose Gary, I wonder?

  2. Hoping for a sticky end for Gary, even if he *is* a fellow redhead. :-\

    1. Your wish is granted! Beware the Red Queen.