Friday, November 14, 2014

Snippet for Science Fiction & Fantasy Saturday

Welcome to another Science Fiction & Fantasy Saturday with snippets shared by writers.


Snippet from new short story

The setting and characters are related to those in my WIP trilogy.

A forest stretched from the rippling ocher seas to the horizon on the uncharted planet of Janus. Violet swung the flitter in a wide circle and descended to land on the narrow stony verge between the trees and the olive green ocean. Above, voracious native vultures soared with a third wing raised like a huge sail.   
Psi Master Taranis sat beside her, intent on the detector he had invented. His pursuit of the ancients who had once ruled the galaxy had led to this uncharted wilderness. The silver band around his brows was the sole indication of his superior rank of psychic power, acquired in a combination of inherited talent, rigorous training and artificial enhancements. The faint scar above his left ear suggested one of the ubiquitous com inserts, but she had no idea if he had other implants. After three days of travel in his company, she had become inured to the electric hum of his radiated power. She had not anticipated her acute attraction to the lean athlete with the strength and agility of a man a third of his reputed age.
“Did you get a clear reading, Psi Master?” Violet said with the deference of her inferior status. She was merely the hired help, a security guard, and was not sure why he had chosen her. Still, he paid well, and she had been intrigued by the opportunity to guard one of the rare psi masters. Her own native empathy was a low status, maligned and misunderstood talent.
The Psi Master replied slowly, “Yes, the signal is strong.” He glanced at her and waved to the forest, “Our target is somewhere in the middle of the forest.” 

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  1. I love the description of the world - very evocative. And the psi master is suitably mysterious. Good snippet!

  2. I agree with Peter. The descriptions are excellent, really drawing one in; though I'll admit to getting slightly more interested from the second paragraph. Very intriguing.

  3. I agonize over description vs action but SFF needs the details for the setting.

    1. I just may be more a people person than a flowers and scenery... I love the scenery, but people are definitely more my thing. It's good :-)