Thursday, November 20, 2014

Science Fiction & Fantasy Saturday - Let's continue the story

Here we go again with snippets from our stories. 


Snippet from short story:

Continuing from last week, we follow the adventures of Violet and Taranis, the Psi Master.

They jumped out of the side doors and walked toward the blue-hued trees, towering in vivid contrast to the dim yellow of the low clouds. Violet admired the colorful flowers of the vines draped over the tree branches. The dark understory paths beckoned to her with their promise of mystery in the shadowy interior. Her senses reveled in the teeming denizens of the jungle, the tiny sparks of small creatures and the hungry stab of large predators.
Taranis halted at the verge of the forest in front of a dirt track, leading into the interior. Violet stood next to him, and gazed at his stern face framed in straight black hair as he bent over the detector strapped over his shoulder. As usual, he exuded power and authority. During three days together, she had seen nothing of his vaunted psi powers.
One of the three-winged vultures swooped down to examine them. The Psi Master glanced up, warned by the black shadow over him.
Violet said, “It is just curious.”
He stared at her, green eyes thoughtful, “Can you sense the thoughts of the vulture?”
Violet blushed under his scrutiny, “Yes, I am an empath.”
“Interesting!” he commented and returned to his perusal of the detector as if her ability was unimportant.

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  1. I love the description of the dark understory path and the teeming denizens - very evocative!

  2. Agree. That's lovely descriptions of a jungle. Taranis can be really dismissive. Hmph.