Thursday, November 6, 2014

SFR Brigade Showcase

Welcome to the second Showcase for Science Fiction Romance Brigade

SFR Brigade Showcase

Today I will highlight my first novel The Lady is Blue, published 6 months ago.


The human colonists on
The Lady is Blue
Eden welcome alien refugees in their crippled spaceship. The alien Atrapako sport sharp claws, and scales of four colors covering massive humanoid bodies. The intrepid Dr. Lucy Stannis, a secret agent of Terra, initiates a lively friendship with the captain of the Atrapako spaceship, the deceptive Blue, Sa Kamizan Veedak. She learns the aliens have a mating phase. In the conflict between the races, Sa Kamizan learns to question his allegiances. Meanwhile, Lucy strives to unravel the Atrapako secret in time to engineer a peaceful solution.  

Quote from 4* review: "The ending was a good surprise. I kept wondering how the writer was going to make a sexual relation work between the two. " 

Your Challenge - Can you discover the secret of the Atrapako before Lucy does?   The eBook is free this weekend 11/8-11/9/2014.


Lucy's opinion of Sa Kamizan changes during the story, as shown by her statements: 

After first meeting
She sipped her drink thoughtfully.  “I talked with a big, blue Atrapako called Sa Kamizan Veedak.  He has a forceful personality, although I believe he was trying to be friendly.” 

“Nothing happened, Colin. At least, not what you are imagining.” She blushed. “I don’t think he can outside the mating phase.”   

Aliens take control of colony:
Lucy turned pale and shook with anger. “He is a vile, hateful, deceitful reptile!”  

Friends again in secret. Throw them off the scent:
She looked around at the eager faces, and enlarged on her theme, “Another little problem is their scales. Have you felt them?” Most of her audience shook their heads. “The surfaces are rough with jagged edges. Can you imagine kissing coarse sandpaper?” Her grimace of distaste was reflected in other faces. 

Pheromones kicking in:
She shook her head despondently. “Yet, I have never seen him show such passion. I am overwhelmed.” 

Scene of some meetings
Well, they got together, but how?
She smiled, “You’re the one I love!”   

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  1. Fun how ideas / relationships change through the course of the story :)

  2. That's a fun way to intrigue the reader. :-)

  3. Love is a complicated thing even with your own species. :P