Friday, August 8, 2014

Snipet for SFFS WIP

From work in progress

The main characters, interstellar spy Kat and the pirate Captain Hawk, are attempting to steal a spaceship.

Kat glided over to the central com and lowered herself into the seat. The Hawk trod quietly behind and leaned his hand on the back of her seat. “Shall I open the panel?” he whispered.
“No! I’ll try breaking into the com first,” Kat activated the screen and hit keys. The screen lit up, but nothing else happened. She input the first sequence of the secret code and waited a few seconds for a response, leaning back and supporting her head in her intertwined hands. If nothing happened, she would try another tactic to break in. She bent forward to begin a new sequence, when, abruptly, a loud hiss emerged from below the panel. She felt a strong gush of air. No, it wasn’t air; it smelled wrong. 
 Immediately, she sprung out of the seat, yelling, “Gas!” and dashed for the door. She heard the crunch of metal, as if the Hawk were trying to seal off the spouting gas. Then, he was at her back and shouted, “Get out! It’s a trap!” 

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My published SF novels are: The Lady is Blue, Dragons of Vkani, and A Tale of Two Colonies. As you see, I enjoy puns and allusions. 

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  1. You'd think they'd use an odorless gas.

  2. Oops - something tells me they're in trouble... Welcome to SFFSat, by the way - it's a good snippet to start with!

  3. Someone doesn't want their spaceship stolen, heh.

  4. Seems that modern anti-theft devices have improved quite a bit. :)

  5. Personally I think gassing is too good for spaceship-jackers. :P