Friday, August 1, 2014

SFR Brigade Presents - More from The Lady is Blue

Character development from The Lady is Blue, which is Free on Saturday 2nd

[Abridged to <200 words]

Lucy claims she is not defenseless, despite being a puny human. He didn't believe her. Note: Atrapako have scales and sharp claws. Their colors represent a class system: Blues command and Reds are warriors. Here, Lucy has been dragged to watch Sa Kamizan fight a duel of honor with the Red who had knocked her unconscious when she was snooping in the forbidden sections of the Atrapako residence. She was supposed to be under Sa Kamizan's protection and he should never have let her out of his sight. No weapons were allowed in the duel. Sa Kamizan has trounced the Red, after suffering a black eye and is bleeding from numerous claw slashes.

She leaped over the line with a warning yell. Just as the Red hit the floor, two Atrapako raced across the line behind Sa Kamizan. Both wielded long knives. Sa Kamizan was alerted to the new threat and tackled the bulky Red close to him. He was still unaware of Lucy and the second assailant.
Lucy jumped into the center, drawing the attention of the second attacker. The Blue rushed towards her, brandishing a wide blade like a meat cleaver. Just as she had anticipated, the young Blue swept his blade down with his whole strength. The cleaver slashed toward her head. With an agile sidestep, she avoided the blow and grabbed his arm, jerking down strongly. The thin Blue slammed to the ground and slid across the floor. The knife whirled from his grasp.
Lucy straightened and looked up. Sa Kamizan was staring at her in amazement. He was wild-eyed and panting from exertion. Two Reds lay on the floor, and he held another sword. The crowd was deathly silent.
He stepped over the red bodies to Lucy. “Do you have a weapon?”
She drew out her laser. “I’ll demonstrate,” she said fiercely. 

She has saved him from an assassination attempt. How can he resist a woman who can fight! Alas, they will be flung onto opposing sides of the conflict between their races. He is forced to question his allegiances, while she calls him a deceitful reptile and refuses even to look at him! She will need to uncover the Atrapako secrets in order to engineer a peaceful solution.

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