Wednesday, August 6, 2014

New release: A Tale of Two Colonies

A Tale of Two Colonies

A Tale of Two Colonies is available from Amazon

A Science Fiction Romance: Planet Delta is a jungle ruled by arthropods. The heroine, Lily White, is a highly skilled member of the team selected to search for the lost colony on planet Delta. She is called Tiger Lily, and has never found her match in a man.
The hero, Conley, is a grim warrior with a tortured past, who longs to escape the confines of the isolated valley on Delta. Why is he reluctant to speak of the people living in the valley?
Their lives will intersect, as Lily finds romance while searching for the lost colony amid the dangers posed by the native life. Who are the real rulers of the lost colony: the hostile princesses or the unknown native inhabitants? Will the team succeed in their mission to locate the original colonizers and establish a new colony, or will they depart ingloriously for Terra?

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