Sunday, June 22, 2014

Sequel to my Sci Fi Novel The Lady is Blue

Here is a preview from my upcoming sequel to The Lady is Blue in the series Atrapako of Eden.
The novel The Dragons of Vkani is at the editing stage so I hope to publish it in a month or two.

Sa Kamizan and Lucy lingered outside, savoring the clear night sky. They stared up, enthralled, at the spectacle of the clustered stars of the galactic spirals.
“Which direction is Vkani?” Lucy asked the big Blue standing at her side. 
He pointed to the west, “There, beyond the bright red star. The solar system is surrounded by dense cosmic clouds. Few stars were visible from my planet.” 
As they stared up, the yellow moon, Venus, rose over the black shoulder of the Alta Mountain and the stars dimmed in its bright light. The moonlight brightened the pale skin of Lucy’s face and hands. She looked up at her mate. The craggy contours of his head were a study in contrasts. The moonlight reflected on the scales on his forehead and picked out individual spines of his crest. His eyes glinted within deep shadows cast by his thickly scaled brow.
Lucy broke the silence with another question. “How many moons orbit Vkani?”
He inclined his head toward her, and replied in his precise way, “There is only one moon. We called it the Red Child. Why did you not ask me these questions before?”
“You did not want to talk about your forsaken planet. Now, we’ll travel in the Terran ship and I am eager to see the place you were born.”
“My birth place was destroyed years ago,” he remarked coolly.
“Don’t be pedantic, love! Surely, some places you enjoyed are preserved. Doesn’t your sister live in the Vagurnakoram Mountains?” 
“Yes, we both enjoy the mountains,” he murmured, slipping his arm around her.
She raised her eyes and searched the skies again. A cold wind swept down from the mountain tops. Ominous dark clouds drifted across the moon, blocking its light.
Lucy shivered. “Let’s go inside, Veedak. Space is cold and empty. I want to sleep in your arms tonight.”
He gripped her arm, whispering, “I missed you last night when my ribs were healed in the hospital.” She leaned against his warm chest as he kissed her, his claw tips tickling her skin through her shirt. Fierce joy flooded her mind in anticipation of their dangerous expedition.

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