Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Characters in The Lady is Blue

The Lady is Blue is a 300-page science fiction novel.

Main Characters
The heroine is the Eden human, Dr. Lucy Stannis, a scientist and secret Terran agent. She is aided and abetted by Dr. Colin Murti, her physician; Roger Fourno, her (soon to be ex-)lover; Dr. Trisha Duran and Dr. Jun Danzhu, her friends and scientific colleagues, and her students, especially the beautiful Sonia.

The elected Governors of Eden are: Mossy Fairweather, Don Vargos and Bernal Mathis.

The hero is the Atrapako Blue, Sa Kamizan Veedak, Captain of their spaceship. He is supported by the old Blue judge, Sa Radekis Volkin, and the Green scientists, Te Suzzaine Sukla and Te Tamarkis Varenne. He is opposed by the young Blue Sa Varasek and the other Blues, including the Honorable Lady Kamilla.

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