Monday, June 30, 2014

2nd Excerpt ffrom the Lady is Blue

Excerpt from The Lady is Blue

A conversation between the main characters, Dr. Lucy Stannis and Sa Kamizan Veedak, early in their relationship.

      “Why do you talk to me anyway?” Lucy said thoughtfully.
       He laughed and seemed to relax again. “Your questions are very direct, Dr. Stannis. I like your fearlessness. The others are nervous or afraid of me.”
      “I’m not surprised they are nervous,” she retorted. “You have vicious teeth and sharp claws.”
      He curled one set of claws in front of her face and ran them lightly down her arm.
      It tickled and Lucy grinned. “Oh, you are so mild mannered you would not dare to lay a hand on me!”
      Sa Kamizan gripped her wrist firmly. “Call your committee and tell them they need another token female scientist. Then, you can see me at the meetings.”
     “I may be a disruptive influence.” Lucy grimaced, she disliked restraints. Suddenly, she twisted her wrist against his thumb in a maneuver intended to free her arm. It was a mistake. Her arm slipped free, but she felt claws scrape her skin as Sa Kamizan quickly pulled his hand away. She examined her arm. Blood was welling from two shallow punctures. Immediately, she realized most humans would blame Sa Kamizan if the incident were known.
     She glanced at him. He looked wary, waiting for her response with crest lowered.
    “I hope your nails are clean,” she remarked nonchalantly, while searching through her pockets with the uninjured hand.
     He stared at his hand. Then, he offered her a wad of tissues from a desk drawer. “Let me help you.” He wiped off the blood.
    “You should be more cautious in future when playing with Atrapako,” he said softly.

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