Friday, March 13, 2015

Snippet for SFFSat - Captured by the Hawk

Welcome to another Saturday of Science Fiction & Fantasy snippets exchanged by writers.


My contribution this week is from my space operetta with romance and mystery “Captured by the Hawk”. Katrina Sligo has Irish heritage, and a spaceship called the Shamrock. In this scene they were trapped when attempting to steal a spaceship.

Kat rolled awkwardly across the cold floor, trying to gauge the size of her prison, despite the bonds restraining her arms and legs. Suddenly, she bumped against something yielding. It felt like another body. A groan told her the person was alive.
Who are you?” she asked, biting her lip in anxiety. Who had they imprisoned in the room with her?
Trina?” he whispered hoarsely with another groan, and she knew his voice. It was the Black Hawk.
Are you tied up too?”
They left us tied in here together. They may have made a mistake.” His deep voice sounded amused.
She wriggled around, placing her head near his and whispered in his ear, or as close as she could guess in the dark. “Rumors say you have a hand that cuts metal.” 

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  1. A useful talent, having a hand that cuts metal - let's hope for both their sakes it is more than just a rumour!

  2. Yes. This week's story has an Irish angle. Katrina has friends with a ship called the Shamrock1

  3. I wonder how well Kat would get along with my Irish spacefarer: Aislyn.

    1. She has an Irish crew, so why not!
      On the other hand, Aislyn might not get on with Captain Hawk.