Friday, March 20, 2015

Snippet for SFFSat from Grand Master's Pawn

Welcome to another Saturday of Science Fiction & Fantasy snippets exchanged by writers.

My contribution this week is from my new release Grand Master’s Pawn.
On her fourth mission to an uncharted planet, Violet and Taranis, the companion promised by her Grand Master, meet several challenges.

       They had not escaped. Clicks and angry hisses signaled the approach of their pursuers. Looking back, Violet saw the eight-legged beasts racing toward them. Their scythe-like mandibles clicked in threat. Horrified by the blast of their enmity, she backed against the cliff and cried, “Give me the laser!”
Taranis said calmly, “No, there are too many of them. Your laser will be useless.”
“What else can we do?” She shook her head, wondering why he didn’t use his psi powers in their defense.
He gestured at the cliff. “We’ll climb the mountain.”
Violet glanced up and gasped in dismay. The smooth rock face rose vertically to a narrow shelf and continued steeply towards the top. The nearest ledge was more than twice her height above the ground. “How can we climb here? I can’t reach the ledge.”

Soon, I plan to reveal snippets from Book 2, Grand Master's Game. 

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  1. Looks good - I like the final version of the cover! Let's hope Taranis can use his psi powers to help them scale the cliff.

    1. Thanks go to Corinne Kilgore for the gorgeous cover - she prefers the romance to be more obvious and she found the right expressions. A stone griffin is not an obvious attraction!