Friday, July 24, 2015

Grand Master's Game - Moon Station Snippet for #SFFSat

Welcome to another Saturday of Science Fiction & Fantasy snippets exchanged by writers.
My contribution this week continues the scene on Moon Station from Grand Master’s Game, Book 2 in the Grand Master’s Trilogy. Last week, the excerpt ended after Athanor released Violet from the jaws of the giant wasp-spider.You can read it at

A woman’s voice shouted, “Make sure they’re dead or restrained!” More footsteps shuffled around them.
Breathing heavily, Athanor cradled Violet’s head and peered at her out of the ordinary blue eyes of his natural face. “Are you all right?”
She blinked and flexed her arms and legs. Her voice quavered, “Yes, no bones broken. I’m just sore and bruised.”
Blood oozed from a long slash across his cheekbone. Violet imagined he had escaped from the clutching jaws of a giant spider-wasp. “You’re hurt!” she murmured.
He groaned, “Blasted power loss! I could fix the scrapes easily with psi energy.” 
         The woman spoke again from nearby, “You should see the doctor. Pity he’s occupied with worse injuries. I’m amazed that hellish beast didn’t cut your throat!”   

Spin across the galaxy as Violet and her Grand Master hunt their enemies. Cracks in the portal web threaten galactic civilization, and suspicions fall on the mysterious Grand Masters with their immense psychic powers. Once, there were twelve Grand Masters, humans and aliens, on the Council. Now there are eleven. One was killed when the young pawn, Violet, rescued her Grand Master, Athanor, from the Red Queen’s dungeon. The Red Queen fled the fight and now she lurks out of sight, regenerating her energies.
Athanor devises a risky plan to expose his enemies on the Council and force the Red Queen into the open. His strategy will employ Violet’s empathic skills as his secret weapon. Meanwhile, she wrestles with her erratic talents and doubts about their unequal partnership. In their search for revenge, they contend with the portal crisis, psychic traps and hostile aliens. In the inevitable battle of Grand Masters, Violet and Athanor will face their worst nightmares. What is the sacrifice for victory?

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  1. The aftermath of battle - a nice depiction of the moments after the struggle ends, as the adrenaline ebbs away.

    1. Thanks! I'll have to start scenes from a WIP soon for a change.

  2. Can definitely sense his frustration at being unable to heal himself.

    1. The scrape isn't serious. He just hates being without his psi power.

  3. The doctor is out for Athanor

  4. Hopefully they haven't escaped one set of monsters (the wasp-spiders/spider-wasps) only to wind up with another (the woman at the start of the scene).